Rachel & Mark

married in Bali in 2019 |

We found DJ Paddy via a Google search. Paddy was one of a handful of DJs who responded to our request for a bid.  While his pricing was more than fair, we were particularly impressed with his responsiveness.  He clearly had read the details of our request and was careful to address all of our needs re: equipment, timing, and our preferred style.  His reviews, like the one I’m writing, were all excellent. Being extra cautious I asked for a reference or two from a past customer and he quickly obliged with a pair of enthusiastic brides for whom he recently DJ’ed.  Because Paddy was in Bali and we were in NYC and quite busy and distracted, we actually didn’t meet or speak with Paddy until the wedding!  Even so, Paddy was always available to chat or meet had we requested it—we just didn’t have time. We did exchange emails, however, and we had given him a pretty good sense of what we wanted. Finally the wedding arrived and I can safely say we had an awesome dance party going in large part due to his efforts.  He found the near-perfect blend of songs on our list with songs from his list.  And when a song or two went on slightly longer than we preferred, Paddy was super perceptive to catch our “kill” sign and deftly transition into the next. With excellent equipment, tremendous professionalism, and a good intuition about music, we can thoroughly recommend Paddy as an event DJ. We couldn’t have been happier.