Jaye & Allan

married in Bali in 2020 |

A huge shout out to Rob and his team for exceeding all of our expectations for our wedding.  Rob was a referral friend who was married in Bali in 2018 and he did not disappoint.  We arranged everything over email and WhatsApp which was very convenient for our busy Melbourne lifestyle.  We simply supplied Rob with a list of songs and they were played.  One thing worth mentioning is that  our wedding was quite difficult in the fact that we supplied Macedonian music to have part of the wedding as Macedonian dancing.  While we thought this was going to be a challenge it wasn’t, we simply supplied Rob and his team our music over a dropbox file and he took care of the rest.  He was very througher and clear with his communication.  Thanks again Rob, I’d recommend a Bali wedding with you any day!