Henri and Madeleine

married in Bali in 2014 | Henri and Madeleine |

We had a short meeting (1 meeting) just before the party but we find you’re flexible to accommodate what we want and since you’ve mentioned you got tens of thousands of songs, I guess you can just suggest something on the spot should we ever run out of any playlists.

Everything happened on time, you were there when we were ready to party 🙂 always great to have DJ to be on standby should we want to party asap.

Guests complemented on the vibe and had “tunes” of fun. I noticed you mixed some of the songs a bit. Which is great. We like it when DJ gets creative but still plays our preferred type of songs.

You took on our playlists and very accommodating, even though it may not be your style.

Our experience at the edge was fantastic, combined with luxury of the place and vibe of the songs, the party couldn’t get any better.

Personally, I like a creative DJ that can mix and match playlist which later gotten “mashed-up” that allows party goers to experience multiple songs at the same moment. Give the feel of original songs and then a mix of other songs thrown into the original. I find party goers would have listened to the originals so many times that they know they love that song but want to make it more interesting.

With that said, you’ve done well and would love to hear some of your own original mixes.