Colin & Rebeca

married in Bali | Colin & Rebeca |

When on holiday in Bali, we saw DJ Patrick perform his Video show at the Bali Beach Shack. We immediately decided to contact him.

We will never regret this decision. Perfect communication with Patrick regarding the songs we wanted, Even the 3 songs we choose for our opening dance was not a problem, It was fantastic (and a surprise) that Patrick made a special Video mix for these 3 songs.

The rest of the evening was super, our guests were dancing, and/or watching the video’s on the big screen.

The biggest compliment was one made by my brother (who is a DJ himself),

We’ve asked Patrick if it was a problem that my brother also was able to perform a t the wedding (Which wasn’t a problem at all)

At the end my brother didn’t play at all, according to him, he could not have done a better job.

We will never forget this party

My sister will contact you for her wedding 🙂