Claudia & Shrenik

married in Bali in 2014 | Claudia & Shrenik |

Our Special Day! DJ Rob was recommended to us and we could have not chosen a better entertainment source then DJ Rob!

He was just ‘fabulous’ and I a good eye catch (for all those single ladies)!!!!
I remember clearly prior to the wedding, we had one Skype call and I asked Rob whether I needed to create a playlist of exactly what to play and he answered with confidence ‘Claudia, please leave this up to me, that’s my job and that’s why you have hired me’. AND I DID, I trusted his experience and the music selection, the work on the day and the flexibility was great.

Rob is very quick in his reply, very accommodating with any kind of requests, his music knowledge is fantastic and he is a very polite gentleman and we would definitely recommend him to other wedding couples or for any other social events.