Performance & equipment

  1. The artist shall participate in a soundcheck prior to the performance, with the final equipment set up completed 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance, provided there is access to the performance location (the DJ table). If there is no soundcheck done prior to the performance, the artist shall not be held responsible for a delay in the start of the performance due to equipment failure, or one or more parts of the performance not being performed due equipment in use malfunctioning.
  2. The client shall ensure that no part of the performance or soundcheck is recorded in any form (except by guests), nor broadcasted without prior approval of the artist. Furthermore, the client agrees not to commit the artist to any personal appearances without prior written consent.
  3. The artist agrees to obey and follow the house rules and regulations of the client.
  4. The client will be responsible and liable, in case any guest or venue staff causes damage to the equipment of the artist. The term “damage” includes:
  • Necessary repairs on equipment/ cost of replacement.
  • Time spent by artist on these repairs (aftermath hours)
  • Income lost by artist (not able to work because of damaged/ unusable equipment)

Fee & payment

  1. The agreed all-in fee for the performance and equipment rental is specified on the invoice.
  1. The client shall pay a 50% downpayment of the total amount specified on the invoice to secure the booking.
  1. The client shall pay the remaining 50% prior to the start of the first performance.
  1. The 50% deposit is non-refundable, except for sickness of the artist or force majeure events as described under ‘Changes & cancellations’.


Changes & cancellations

  1. The client shall inform artist at the earliest opportunity of any necessary changes in equipment or other aspects relevant to the performance.
  1. The client is entitled to change the date of the performance, subject to the availability of the artist. However, the deposit will be forfeited if the artist is unable to secure any other booking on the original performance date, and a new deposit has to be paid to secure the booking, and a new performance agreement will be made.
  1. If the client cancels the performance at any time, the deposit paid will not be refunded.
  1. In regards to changes or cancellations incurred by force majeure: both the artist and the client shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligation hereunder, or any damages, caused by force majeure. In such case, force majeur events have to be proven.
  1. When a force majeure event occurs, the client shall have the choice to either reschedule performance with the artist to a later available date, or to receive full refund of the deposit paid.
  1. Force majeure events in this contract are: flight cancellations, flight delays so severe that the artist can not start their performance on time, strikes, epidemics, terrorist attacks, floodings caused by a tsunami, eartquakes, any act by a public authority or any other event, beyond the control of the artist and the client.
  1. Should the artist be unable to perform due to illness, he will inform client about this at the earliest opportunity. In such case, the client is entitled to choose one of the following options, free of charge:
  1. The artist will try to find a skilled, available colleague to perform instead of him.
  2. The performance will be cancelled and fully refunded (not applicable to equipment rental).
  1. The artist is not entitled to change or cancel the performance for any other reason than sickness, emergency family circumstances or force majeure, unless the client agrees to this in writing.


  1. The artist will provide the client upon request with digital or printed copies of the documents proving their obligation to work legally in Indonesia: a valid KITAS stay permit, IMTA work permit and SKJ travelling permit (if applicable).
  1. The client is responsible for obtaining all other required licenses and/ or permits (banjar/ local goverment permits and such).

Update on the terms and conditions due to the corona virus threat (as of 11 March 2020):

  • As stated above, in cases of force majeure a full refund of any payment made is offered or a free reschedule to a later date. The following additional terms and conditions are effective immediately:
  • If there is no travel ban from/ to Bali or from the couple’s city/ country of origin and flights that are supposed to bring wedding couples and their guests to the island are not cancelled, we do not consider the Corona virus threat to be force majeure and as such any downpayment that has been made can not be refunded. The only exception to this is when a client informs us of a cancellation of their wedding or reschedule of their wedding date due to the Corona virus threat more than 90 days in advance. In that case, 50% of the downpayment that has been made can be refunded. Only the downpayment for the DJ performance is partly refundable in that case. Any downpayment made towards equipment rental (sound system, lighting system and/ or generator) is non-refundable.
  • If a travel ban to/ from Bali or from the couple’s city/ country of origin is put in place by a government and/ or flights that are supposed to bring wedding couples and their guests to Bali are cancelled because of the Corona virus threat, we consider this force majeure event and a full refund of any payment that has been made for a DJ performance is offered. Any downpayment made towards equipment rental (sound system, lighting system and/ or generator) is non-refundable, also in case of force-majeure.
  • Any granted refunds will be paid as soon as possible. However, due to cash flow within our company it may take up to 60 days before a refund is paid out.