Our skills & services

What makes you different from your competitors?

We do things different than our competitors in a number of ways. The main difference is that we have a passion for weddings and as such performing at weddings is our core business. This allows us to focus our efforts exclusively on perfecting our skill and services for weddings.

Apart from that, we genuine enjoy being part of making people’s big day just perfect and unforgettable, which shows in our enthousiasm throughout the process of booking and preparing the wedding. You can also obviously always count on great responsiveness, flexibility and just making things as easy for you as possible. After all, there are already so many things to think (and possibly worry) about during the planning process, so we do our best to help you with that and exceed your expectations.

Other ways in which we distinguish ourselves can be found in the list on the homepage.

How long have the you been performing at weddings?

Each of us has more than 14 years experience as a DJ, and in that time we have performed at many weddings. We didn’t keep count, but it may be close to a thousand weddings or more each.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Each of us has a professional mobile DJ system that we can take anywhere with us to use for performances. Thanks to modern technology, it’s particularly mobile because it exists of just a laptop computer, a so-called DJ controller and some cables.

Do you take any breaks during your performance?

Generally not, we can perform non-stop. We can take any necessary restroom breaks while the music is playing.

Do you provide cocktail / dinner music?

If you have booked us to also perform during your cocktail session and/or wedding dinner, obviously we will provide the music during those times. Otherwise, we are happy to provide you with suitable music to be played during these times off your own music device (like an iPod or similar).

Do you drink alcohol or smoke during a wedding?

No, we don’t. We think it is and looks unprofessional to do so. Music is our only drug of choice 🙂

How many songs do you have in your repertoire?

We both have a repertoire containing over 10.000 popular songs, so it’s unlikely that we don’t have a song you’d like to hear. However, we can acquire pretty much any song we don’t have in our collection beforehand so that all your favorite songs are played if you want to.

Can you act as an MC and make announcements?

Yes, we offer basic MC service at no extra charge during the hours that you have booked us to perform. Bear in mind that we are not professionally trained MCs, but we are very capable, experienced and confident in making announcements and being a host for your wedding. It is recommended however, and most wedding couples prefer to hire either a dedicated professional MC or ask a friend or family member who is close you, knows you well and is confident in public speaking to act as the MC for your wedding.

Reservations & booking

Before we decide to book, can we come and see you perform at a wedding?

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, weddings are very private events and we treat them as such. To respect everyone’s privacy, we can’t invite any to come and see us at a wedding. But please bear in mind that seeing us perform for a little while at one wedding says very little about our overall skill and quality. Instead we believe in testimonials from couples we’ve performed for in the past, as these give a much more complete picture of how the couple experienced our service throughout the whole process. Please visit the testimonials page to read many testimonials from former clients.

Before we decide to book, may we speak to couples that you have performed for in the past?

Sure, after we get approval from the couple(s) for this, we will provide you with their contact details.

Do you offer a written contract?

Yes, we’ll send you one if you would like to have one. Most couples don’t request one because the main terms and conditions, added with some common sense are enough to cover most situations.

Can we meet you in person before make a decision about the booking?

Definitely, we’d love to meet you in Bali to get to know eachother and share ideas. If a personal meeting is not possible because you’re not in Bali or don’t have enough time while you’re here, we can do a (video) call instead.

How long can you hold our date for us if we don’t want to decide yet?

We can hold your date for as long as we don’t receive another enquiry for the same date. If we do receive another enquiry for the same date, we’ll ask you to decide on your pending reservation with us within a few days so that we can give the other couple a definite answer about our availability.

Do you perform for more than one event in a day?

No, once we have committed to a wedding, obviously we can’t and won’t take any other booking for the same day.

Rates, contracts, inclusions & payment

What are your rates?

All our rates are very competitive and we offer the best value for money in Bali, without ever compromising quality and reliability. Please fill out the enquiry form on our contact page to receive a personalised offer.

Do we have to make a downpayment? If so, when?

Yes, we request that you pay 50% of the total invoice amount to secure your booking. That way, we are committed to eachother. The downpayment is due a week after you have confirmed to us that you’d like to proceed with the booking.

When is the final payment/ balance due?

The final payment/ balance is due before your wedding day. We’ve found that most couples prefer to settle this before they fly to Bali for their wedding so that they don’t have to think about it and can make the most of their time while here.

Do you have any taxes or additional/ hidden charges?

Tax is not applicable, and the rate quoted to you based in the information you provided is all-in. There are no hidden charges. The only additional charge may be a small travelling surcharge if your wedding venue is far away from our main operating area (for example, in the Candi Dasa area).

What is included in the performance fee?

Included in the fee is the DJ performance for the agreed duration, the use of professional DJ equipment (the equipment on the DJ table/ in the DJ booth), and transport cost (within our main operating area in the South of Bali). The rental of a sound system, lighting system, transport surcharge for performances further afield and overtime outside the agreed duration is not included.

Is a sound system included in your rate? If not, can you provide it?

A sound system is not standard included, because in about half of cases, the couple has booked a venue that provides a sound system as a part of the package, or the couple has hired a wedding planner that can easily arrange a sound system. We therefore offer it separately from a DJ performance, and we can easily arrange it if you want us to.

Is any lighting included in your rate? If not, can you provide a lightshow or light effects?

Lighting is not standard included, because it is very dependent on the atmosphere you want to create at your wedding. We can provide a professional lighting system separately if you want, and it is generally recommended if you have the budget for it. If your wedding venue or wedding planner is already providing you with a sound system, often it is easy and it makes sense to have them also provide the lighting that you’re after. But if that isn’t the case, we can easily provide it as well.

Rider & equipment

What do you require to perform?

We only need a few things, depending on the venue and any additional services you may choose to book:

  • We need a small table to put our DJ equipment on. Ideally it’s 90 – 100 cm high, but, if one is not available, a standard dinner table with a height of around 80 cm will also do. The dimensions of the table should be at least 80 cm wide and 60 cm deep. The front and sides of the table should preferably be covered with fabric, to obscure cables from view, and make it look nice. Usually the venue or the catering company can provide such a table and the fabric.
  • Electricity supply and audio signal cables (XLR, 1/4″ jack or RCA) should be available right at the DJ booth. The sound system crew will always take care of this.
  • There seems to be a chance of rain nowadays throughout the year. In case of performances outdoors, a fully covered DJ booth is not necessary and a few drops won’t interfere with our performance, but if it starts to really rain, we’ll have to shut down our equipment which means that the music will temporarily stop. Usually in such a situation we try to move indoors and continue the party there.
  • If you book additional acts like a video show or live collaboration, there are some additional requirements. Please enquire with us about these.

Do you provide one or more wireless microphones?

We don’t own our own wireless microphones, and therefore it is not included by default in the DJ performance, but in Bali it is common that wireless microphones are provided by the same vendor that provides the sound system. If you book a sound system with us, two professional wireless microphones are always included. Otherwise, you can double check this with your planner or sound system vendor about this, just to be sure.

Do we have to arrange a meal for you?

It’s not necessary to arrange a meal for us.

Do we have to provide a DJ booth or table?

Yes, the wedding venue, your planner or the catering company will usually be able to provide a booth or table for us to use to put our equipment on. It is usually recommended to use black or white tablecloth or linen to cover it to make it look neat.


How involved can we be in selecting music for our wedding?

Very involved, the music selection can theoretically be totally up to you. However, the recommended way to go about it is like this: after the booking is confirmed and the downpayment has been arranged, we’ll send you a questionnaire which pointers what to think about regarding the music at your wedding. We can also provide you with a list of popular songs at weddings if you need some inspiration to pick your favorite songs. Based on our extensive experience, we recommend that you let us know your and your guest’s general taste in music along with your favorite songs that you’d love to hear at some or a specific moment. Then we will use our skill and judgement to decide which songs are best to play at which moment. Our top priority is always that you and all your guests have an unforgettable night!

When do we need to tell you our music requests and event details?

We strongly recommend you let us know about any music preferences you have and the rundown for the wedding at least a week in advance. This way, we have enough time to prepare ourselves perfectly, and you don’t have to rush it and do it at the last minute.

Do you take requests?

Yes, at the start of the party, we will introduce ourselves to everyone (if we haven’t already) and we’ll invite guests to tell us their favorite party song. As long as we have the song in our collection, it’s an appropriate song that we think will benefit the party and will be liked by a majority of the guests, we’ll be happy to play it.

Can we submit a “Do not play” list?

Of course, please let us know which songs and/ or genres you dread and we’ll make sure to skip those.


What difficulties or challenges can be expected at a wedding venue regarding the DJ performance?

Most wedding venues in Bali and neighouring islands are well equipped for DJ performances, with enough room for a stage, speaker system, dance floor etc. The major issues to consider in the preparation phase are chance of rain, reliability of the electricity supply and noise disturbance for surrounding residential areas and other villas/ hotels. Your contact at the wedding venue of your choice will be able to brief you completely on these issues.

Do you set up a sign, banner or any form of advertising along with his equipment?

No, your wedding is of course all about you and we don’t want to distract from that by showing any form of advertising.

Who will be the actual DJ at our wedding?

You can choose which of us you prefer to perform for you. It only depends on availability. If you have no preference, we will decide which of us is most suitable to perform for you and suggest that to you. If you want to have a video show at your wedding, DJ Paddy will always be the one performing for you as he is the video specialist of the team.

What if something happens to the DJ that we booked and he can’t make it to the wedding?

Despite meticulous planning and preparation, accidents do happen. If an emergency occurs, the DJ you booked is injured or otherwise unable to perform on your wedding day, the backup plan is that Rob will perform if you booked Paddy as your DJ, and vice versa. If both of them are unable to perform (which is an unlikely scenario, but could happen), then we will offer you a full refund of the amount you’ve paid and will assist you to our best abilities to find a suitable replacement DJ.

When do you arrive to set up for your performance?

We usually arrive 45 – 60 minutes before the scheduled start of the performance. Setting up the DJ equipment and doing a (silent) sound check takes only 10 minutes, so we’ll be standing by to start well ahead of schedule.

If you have rented a sound system or any other equipment with us, our crew will usually arrive earlier in the day to set these things, as to not disturb your ceremony and any other activities. The exact time will depend on the program.

What attire will you wear during your performance?

We can comply with pretty much any dress code you have for your wedding reception. However, weddings in Bali do tend to have a rather casual atmosphere and as such we typically don’t wear a jacket and tie. Normally, if not requested otherwise, we wear a neat buttoned shirt and long black trousers at weddings.

Do you work exclusively for Majestic premier wedding DJs?

As we are the founders of the company and it is running well, most of our performances are under this brand name. Occasionally we will perform at other types of events like corporate events or birthday parties if we are asked to.

I have a different question, what can I do?

Just fill out the enquiry form or contact us by phone, Whatsapp or e-mail and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.