What difficulties or challenges can be expected at a wedding venue regarding the DJ performance?

Most wedding venues are very well equipped for artist performances, with enough room for stages, speaker systems, dance floors and such. The major issues to consider in the preparation phase are chance of rain, reliability of the electricity supply and noise disturbance. Your contact at the wedding venue of your choice will be able to brief you completely on these issues.

Can the DJ also make spoken announcements and/ or present something using a microphone? If so, what does that consist of?

Yes, that is possible, just discuss your wishes when you communicate with the DJ during the preparations. He is also able to think along and provide you with recommendations.

How many songs does the DJ have in his repertoire?

The DJs standard repertoire contains over 10.000 tracks with music of all genres.

Do you provide cocktail / dinner music?

If you have booked your DJ to also perform during your cocktail reception and/or wedding dinner, yes of course. Otherwise, most likely your wedding planner or your wedding venue is either able to play suitable music or to connect a music player that you bring to the sound system, and play from that device until your DJ starts his performance.

Are basic effects lighting included?

No, lighting is not standard included, because it is very dependent on customer wishes, and has to suit and match the venue to create the right atmosphere. Please discuss appropriate lighting that suits your wishes and the venue with your DJ beforehand.

Do we have to provide a DJ booth or table, and a tablecloth or linen?

Yes, the wedding venue will always be able to provide a booth or table for the DJ to use to place his equipment. Depending on the look, it is recommended to use tablecloth or linen to cover it, so it looks well.

When is the deposit due?

The deposit is due as soon as we receive your booking confirmation.

What are your rates?

All our rates are very competitive and we offer the best value for money in Bali, without ever compromising quality and reliability. To give you a reliable quote that exactly meets your wishes, please fill out the enquiry form

When is the final payment due?

The final payment (remaining balance) is due before the start of the performance.

What percentage are the taxes?

Most goods and services in Indonesia are taxed 10%. Artist performances are exempted from this rule, and are owed a fixed tax sum that they pay separately, and is not charged on your invoice.

Is gratuity included in the price?

Yes, you are not expected to tip the DJ or any other artists involved.

Are there any additional charges not mentioned? (i.e. travel)

No, the rate quoted to you based in the information you provided is all-in, there are no hidden fees. However, it would be greatly appreciated if a decent meal is provided for the DJ that he can have before the start of his performance. Also, it is expected that non-alcoholic beverages are available free of charge.

Do you offer a written contract?

Yes. Once all necessary details are known, we will send you a contract in which all relevant details are mentioned, so you have complete piece of mind about what exactly is agreed and what to expect.

May we meet with the DJ in person before make a decision or sign a contract?

Yes, we think meeting with your DJ before you commit to him can be very useful for making an informed decision, provided this is logistically possible – meaning you and the DJ are not too far apart. Otherwise, communicating by phone/ e-mail/ Skype is the best alternative.

How long will you hold our date for us if we don’t want to decide yet?

We will hold your date for you for a reasonable amount of time, in order to give you a chance to meet or interview him; plus ample time after the meeting or interview to make a decision. Depending on how much time is left before the wedding, we will hold your date for 1 to 2 weeks.

How long have the DJs been performing and how many weddings have they done?

Each of our DJs have more than 13 years experience, and in that time have performed at many weddings (we’ve lost count).

Do you perform for more than one event in a day?

This is possible, especially in Bali where there are a lot of venues having DJs perform around sunset time (6pm), obviously followed by the late-night nightlife. However, with weddings starting mostly early in the evening, and to make sure the DJ is topfit, the DJ will not perform anywhere else before performing at your wedding.

What is included in the performance fee?

Included in the fee is the DJ performance for the agreed duration, the use of DJ equipment, and transport cost (south Bali only). The rental of a sound system, lighting system, transport surcharge for performances further afield and overtime is not included.

What does the DJ require to perform?

this is our so-called ‘rider’:

  • Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks during the performance (sodas and water).
  • The table/ surface to be used for the performance should be 100 to 110 cm high, not just around 80 cm like a standard table or desk. It should be at least 100 cm wide, to have enough space for the DJ equipment to be set up. The front and sides of the table/ surface should preferably be covered with fabric, to obscure cables from view, and make it look nicer anyway. A surface too low is very uncomfortable to perform on, and does not look professional either.
  • Electricity supply and audio signal cables (XLR, 1/4″ jack or RCA) should be available right at the DJ booth.
  • There seems to be a chance of rain nowadays throughout the year. In case of performances outdoors, a fully covered DJ booth to protect the equipment from water damage is not necessary. However, enough plastic (bin)bags are always required starting from the moment the equipment is set up to cover it and protect it from water damage in case it suddenly starts raining. Also, it will be accepted that the music will stop as soon as it starts raining considerably. In such a scenario, no refund will be given for the time that no music is played.
  • If you book additional acts like a video show or live collaboration, there are some additional requirements, please enquire about these.

Does the DJ require a meal from us?

Generally not, the DJ can arrange his own meal before his performance. However, if you are willing to offer him a meal, he will probably happily accept it :-)

Does the DJ take any breaks?

Generally not, he can perform non-stop for the time you have booked him for. He might need a quick restroom stop, but that won’t interrupt the music and the vibe of the party.

Does the DJ drink alcohol or smoke during the wedding?

No, the DJ is very happy not to smoke or drink alcoholic drinks during his performance.

What kind of equipment does the DJ use?

The DJ uses professional, A-branded DJ equipment, consisting of at least a DJ mixer/ controller and a laptop with professional DJ software.

Does the DJ provide a wireless microphone?

That depends on whether you let us arrange the sound system as well. If you do, a professional wireless microphone is always included. If the sound system is arranged by someone else, please ask them if they provide a professional wireless microphone.

Do you provide a “light show” or light effects?

We can arrange this for you if you wish through one of our trusted vendors. It is optional, so not included in the quoted fee for a DJ performance. We recommend to consider the impact of any light show or light effects on the atmosphere of your party carefully.

Does the DJ set up a sign or banner along with his equipment?

No, we believe weddings should be commercial-free events.The only thing you might see is a laptop sticker with the DJ’s name, which makes it easier for your guests to identify the DJ.

What makes DJ Rob and DJ/ VJ Paddy different from their competitors?

First of all, they are experienced, reliable professionals with excellent communication standards, which undeniably makes them stand out from a lot of others. Second, they take pride in their sheer focus on customer satisfaction and quality of service. The final biggest point is that they strongly believe in integrity and honest competition. The artist that deserves the booking based on his overall quality should get it, no one else.

Does the DJ act as an MC and make all the announcements?

This is possible if you wish. Most wedding couples however prefer to have someone who is quite close to the wedding couple to act as an MC.

Who will be the actual DJ at our wedding?

As mentioned on the ‘About the DJs’ page, the featured wedding specialists are DJ Rob and DJ/ VJ Paddy. You can choose either of them as the DJ to perform at your wedding. In certain situations, when you want to have one of the special shows, either Rob or Paddy will be the most suitable DJ for that particular show. We can inform you about this after your first enquiry.

What if something happens to the DJ that we booked and he can’t make it to the wedding?

Despite meticulous planning and preparation, accidents do happen. If an emergency occurs, the DJ you booked is injured or otherwise unable to perform on your wedding day, the backup plan is that Rob will perform if you booked Paddy as your DJ, and vice versa. If both of them are unable to perform, they will arrange another skilled wedding DJ within their network to come and perform instead, so you are never left without a DJ at all.

Do you belong to any professional associations or trade groups?

Yes, we are a member of The Marriage members association.

Can we visit the DJ we have in mind for our wedding at one of his performances to see him live in action?

If he is performing at a public event, yes. At private events like weddings, we respect our client’s privacy and want to give them our undivided attention without having to deal with any other activities that are not strictly necessary.

May we speak to references of the DJ we consider booking?

Yes, after we get approval from the people for being a referral, we will provide you with their contact details.

How involved can we be in selecting music for our wedding?

Very involved, the music selection can theoretically be totally up to you. However, you hire a professional DJ to anticipate what’s happening on the dance floor, so it’s recommended to give him some freedom to choose songs to play. Either way, the priority is that you and all your guests have an unforgettable night.

When do we need to submit our music requests and event details?

We recommend you let the DJ know about any music preferences you have and the rundown for the wedding at least a few days, but preferable at least one week before you wedding. That leaves him with ample time to prepare himself.

Does the DJ take requests from our guests?

Yes, as long as he knows it would not be something that you don’t like or otherwise would not be beneficial to the vibe.

Can we submit a “Do Not Play” list?

Of course, the DJ will take all your wishes to heart.

When does the DJ arrive to set up for our wedding?

If you have rented a sound system, the setup of the sound system setup will usually be done in the morning or in the early afternoon, as to not disturb any ceremonies and other activities. The DJ will usually arrive at least one hour before the scheduled start of the performance. Setting up the DJ equipment and connecting to the sound system takes only 10 minutes, which leaves ample time to annoy your guests :-)

What attire will the DJ wear during his performance?

The DJ can wear any type of attire during his performance, ranging from formal to casual. Just discuss your wishes regarding attire with him beforehand.

What attire will the DJ wear when he arrives and while he sets up?

Usually the DJ will be neatly though casually dressed upon arrival at your wedding venue and while he sets up. If you have any specific desires regarding his attire upon arrival, just let him know beforehand.

DJ Rob and DJ/ VJ Paddy work exclusively for Majestic?

No, as both of them are quite versatile DJs, they also perform at other private parties, events, and in bars and clubs. However, if we say we will hold a date for you for a certain period of time, you can count on that, and once a booking is secured with a deposit, there is absolutely no chance Rob or Paddy will be double booked elsewhere on the same day.

I have a different question, what can I do?

Just fill out the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you asap!